Fehat Group
Noudahibou - Mauritania
  Fish Trader and Exporter
African Markets and Wholesales


Fehat Group is a company specialized in exporting frozen fish from the Atlantic ocean to African Markets and wholesales. The company is based in Nouadhibou Mauritania. Close to one of the most rich fishgrounds in the world. We trade frozen fish and seafood from local Mauritanian fisherman and vessels. To markets and wholesales. We provide direct transportation to Bamako, Dakhla, Agadir, Casa Blanca etc. Besides fish, we also trade fishmeal, dutch grown patatoos, chickenfeed for egg-laying chicken and meat chicken and more.

Fehat Group follows and controls the whole process from fishing to delivery!!! 

We focus on:

  • Freshness, Freezing procceses and Quality control.
  • Correct Storage & Packaging.
  • Production of required Import/Export documents for our products.
  • Refrigorated Transport by our own truck or by sea container.


Frozen Fish ready for transport our Wholesale customer.


Fehat Group invested in a brandnew new Renault truck and Thermo King refrigorator trailer. this will garantee that your fish will arrive in perfect deep frozen condition at your Wholesale or market!




Fehat group has very competent management and is owned by a Dutchman and a Ghanese. Both are able to speak and write in multiple languages. French, English, Arabic and most west-african languages.

Contact & Company Information Fehat Group

Mr. Felix Hator - Full Partner, Company Founder & CEO
Function: Sales, Export and Quality Control manager
Tel: +222-460.63.575 // +233-245.398.574
E-mail: FelixHator@FehatGroup.com

Mr. Victor van Oostzee - Full Partner, Investor & CEO
Function: HR-management, Marketing and Quality Control
Tel: +212-651.792.885
E-mail: VictorVanOostzee@FehatGroup.com


Fehat Group Office HQ - Socogim Nouadhibou (NDB) Mauritania
General information and request sent a e-mail to: Info@Fehatgroup.com
Ordering and export sent a e-mail to:  Sales@Fehatgroup.com

Frozen Fish Export Ready in our warehouses Fehat Groups new Renault Truck and our driver.